Webinar: The Coming Retirement Tsunami – Why Transit Agencies and the Public Sector Can No Longer Ignore Succession Planning

Date: Thursday, June 9, 2016
Time: 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM (Central Time)
Sponsor: West Region Transportation Workforce Center and the Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute

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Join us for this informative workshop presented by Patrick Ibarra of the Mejorando Group and Del Peterson of the Small Urban and Rural Transit Center (SURTC) at the Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute.

Every day 10,000 people turn 65 years of age. Over 53 million Millennials comprise one-third of the workforce and by 2025 that number will rise to 75%. As a result of the rapidly aging workforce, many public sector organizations are experiencing a “brain drain” which places their organizations at a critical juncture. The need for experienced and seasoned employees has never been greater and it’s those employees who are most likely to be retiring in the very near future.


Webinar “Developing the Transportation Talent Pipeline” Now Available Online

MTWC’s March 15, 2016 webinar, “Developing the Transportation Talent Pipeline Webinar,” is now available on our website. You may access it by clicking here or going to our Resources Tab.

This event was sponsored by Transportation Research Board’s Committee on Education and Training (ABG20) and the National Network for the Transportation Workforce.

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Mentoring Young People in Michigan: DeAnte Thompkins Shares His Experiences

Thompkins presentingv2

DeAnte Thompkins conferring at the podium

DeAnte Thompkins has hired and mentored more than 600 high school students as director of MDOT’s Metro Region Youth Development and Mentoring Program (YDMP), a program he was once in himself. MDOT’s twelve-week program provides summer job training as a foundation for entering transportation-related careers. We recently asked him some questions about his experience with mentorship programs.

What’s a typical work week for the students in the program?

Participants in the program work a standard forty-hour work week. The week is generally broken down into three days of work in the field and two days of mentoring activities. Over the last several years, we have partnered with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources so that the students could help in the beautification efforts of Belle Isle State Park. This provides a very safe work environment for students while still making an impact on a gem of Metro Detroit.

What are some actual student paths after finishing the program?

We have a number of success stories that have come as a result of being exposed to our Youth Development and Mentoring program.  After being exposed to the opportunities in transportation, we have kids go on to major in civil engineering. We have a gentleman that has been with YDMP since roughly 2009 who decided to become an aircraft mechanic because of what he saw during our mentoring event at MDOT’s Aeronautics garage in Lansing. We have other students that went on to get skilled trades certifications because of exposure to that career path. [Read more…]

Webinar: Developing the Transportation Talent Pipeline

Tuesday, March 15, 2016
1:00-2:30pm Central (2:00-3:30pm Eastern)

Unfilled jobs hurt the competitive position of our businesses and our nation. This discussion will help leaders from business and industry, economic development, education, and workforce development learn about proven strategies for enhancing employer competitiveness and profitability through improved access to skilled workers.

Moderated and facilitated by Teresa Adams, Director, Midwest Transportation Workforce Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

  • Why Must Industry Lead and How They Can Do It
    Michael Baker, Manager Strategic Planning & Innovation, Illinois Department of Commerce
  • Strategies for Effective Business Engagement
    Trina Whatley, Business Relations Specialist, Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership
  • Expanding Employer Leadership in Managing the Talent Pipeline
    Jason Tyszko, Executive Director, Center for Education and Workforce, US Chamber of Commerce Foundation

This webinar is free and open to the public, but is limited to 100 participants. You must register to participate.

*** Registration is now closed. A recording of the webinar will be available on March 16, 2016.***

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