Wisconsin Road Maintenance Experts Invited to Join Symposium on the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence

How could counties equip their vehicles with sensors to detect road temperature and conditions? How could that information be combined with information about forecasted conditions for better decision making for snow plowing and maintenance? These are the types of questions that will be addressed during, “The Digital County,” a symposium exploring disruptive digital technologies like artificial intelligence on August 3rd in Green Bay.

Sensor-based winter maintenance and sensor-based road maintenance will be presented as potential use cases in a discussion on the role that artificial intelligence might play in county maintenance operations. Advancing AI Wisconsin, a grassroots initiative exploring the potential impacts of disruptive digital technologies, in collaboration with the Wisconsin Counties Association, is hosting this event.

Participants are sought who are subject matter experts in:

  • Winter maintenance, scheduling and deployment
  • Vehicles
  • Weather-related topics, forecasting and alerts
  • Assessing road conditions and creating plans for road maintenance
  • And, particularly, employees working directly on road maintenance or similar maintenance areas (e.g. parks and irrigation)

Technology experts are also sought in:

  • Weather prediction
  • Precipitation and weather sensors
  • Vehicle-based technology and sensors
  • Real-time data aggregation and predictive analytics

A special code is required to register for this event. To get involved, contact Oliver Buechse at oliver@mystrategysource.com.

To learn more about the event, visit: