NTTD’s Annual Conference: Transforming Transportation Training

Each year NTTD highlights innovative training policies, programs and technologies that serve the unique needs of the transportation community, bringing together DOT staff and trainers, LTAP personnel, and national training resource experts from federal, university and private sector organizations. Members of the transportation training community exchange ideas about training innovations and resources, develop collaborative relationships and networks, and learn from leading experts in the field.

Green Bay: The Digital County - Internet of Things and AI

The Digital County.  An event series by Advancing AI Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Counties Association, powered by Kinnektor. 250 participants by invitation Mix of County representatives, Technology experts, State and Community stakeholders, winning student teams, facilitators. Foundational education on the Internet of Things and AI.  Creative exploration of 5 specific use cases

Drone Piloting Skills Enhance Careers, Are Increasingly Desired by Employers

Flying drones and getting paid for it seems like a dream job for some. And, it is quickly becoming an in-demand skill for many occupations including several in the Transportation industry. They are especially valuable in situations where it would be dangerous or difficult for a person to access something. Bridge inspections and visualizing inside small spaces or very high places are common examples where drones are popular tools.