6th International Conference on Women’s Issues in Transportation

The 2019 WIiT conference, sixth in a series that began in 1978, will focus on women’s issues related to all aspects of travel and transportation. The 2014 conference, under the theme “bridging the gap,” explored and addressed the gender differences in access to transportation and mobility, responsiveness of transport systems to needs and preferences of women, transportation safety, personal security, and participation of women in decision-making and wealth creation in the transportation sector. The 2019 conference will pick up similar themes, this time guided by an evaluative framework of three lenses: insights, inclusion and impact.

45th Annual AAAED Conference

“Moving Beyond Diversity Towards Equity and Inclusion”

Minnesota’s Transportation Conference

Minnesota’s Transportation Conference, the largest transportation event in the state, explores the latest transportation innovations and offers networking opportunities for transportation professionals.

Transportation Camp 2019

TransportationCamp is the premiere transportation and technology
unconference of the year. Hundreds of thinkers and doers in the
fields of transportation and technology come together each year to share, get inspired, and move transportation forward in new and exciting ways. This is not your traditional conference. In addition to talks and presentations from big names in the field, the heart of TransportationCamp is attendee-led sessions and activities.