Unprecedented Partnership of 12 Workforce Development Boards Formed to Revitalize Midwest Economy

The Midwest is taking the lead in a unique partnership of a dozen workforce development boards working in tandem to drive economic growth in the region. In July, workforce leaders from 12 Midwest cities convened in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to sign an agreement creating the Midwest Urban Strategies Consortium, the first partnership of its kind in the country.


Talent Forward 2018

The U.S. Chamber Foundation’s national workforce conference, Talent Forward 2018, welcomes leaders and change makers in the business and education communities, industry and human resource partners, and other community leaders to discuss the most critical topic in our country today: our workforce.

NTTD’s Annual Conference: Transforming Transportation Training

Each year NTTD highlights innovative training policies, programs and technologies that serve the unique needs of the transportation community, bringing together DOT staff and trainers, LTAP personnel, and national training resource experts from federal, university and private sector organizations. Members of the transportation training community exchange ideas about training innovations and resources, develop collaborative relationships and networks, and learn from leading experts in the field.

National Symposium on College Internship Research

The goals of the inaugural College Internship Symposium are to discuss the current state of empirical research on college internships, cultivate a community for those involved in studying and implementing college internships, provide a venue for in-depth discussions related to college internships, catalyze changes in how colleges, universities, and employers design internships; and put student interests and welfare at the center of debates and policymaking regarding college internships.

WebEd: Hire, Develop and Retain the Right People

41% of AGC members are concerned about worker shortages in 2018. Are you one of them? What if there was a way to not only find and hire great workers, but keep them around for the long-haul? With a focus on your HR processes, you can. 

Register for this webinar on Wednesday, September 26 to learn the best practices across recruiting, onboarding, training and implementing performance reviews for your organization.